The one only Shotokan Ryu Kase Ha Academy in Kuwait

Our Academy follows the way of teaching of two top level Japanese Masters:
Sensei Taiji Kase 10th Dan and Sensei Hiroshi Shirai 10th Dan.

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Greg Konieczka 6th DAN

Chief Instructor

Sensei Grzegorz (Greg) Konieczka is the Founder and Chief Instructor of Kuwait Shotokan Academy.

Country: Poland

  • MEd in Physical Education
  • 6th Dan Shotokan Ryu Kase Ha
  • Member of Kase Ha Shotokan Ryu Karate Do Academy (Paris, France)
  • Member of World Shotokan Institute (Milano, Italy)
  • Member of Belgian Karate Shotokan Academy (Hasselt, Belgium)
  • Member of Polish Judo Association (Warsaw, Poland)
  • Founder of Kuwait Shotokan Academy
  • Greg's karate teachers (chronologically)
  • Sensei Piotr Jamka (Poland) from 1986
  • Sensei Jozef Sikora (Poland) 1990-1994
  • Sensei Taiji Kase (Japan) from 1995
  • Sensei Dirk Heene (Belgium) from 1995
  • Sensei Hiroshi Shirai (Japan) from 1999
  • Sensei Marc Stevens(Belgium) from 2001