The one only Shotokan Ryu Kase Ha Academy in Kuwait

Our Academy follows the way of teaching of two top level Japanese Masters:
Sensei Taiji Kase 10th Dan and Sensei Hiroshi Shirai 10th Dan.

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Kuwait Shotokan Academy (KSA)

Shotokan Ryu Kase Ha Kuwait follows the way of traditional Shotokan Karate taught by the founder of Karate Do Shotokan - Master Gichin Funakoshi (1868-1957) and his son Yoshitaka Funakoshi (1906-1945), Sensei Taiji Kase 10 Dan (1929-2004) and Sensei Hiroshi Shirai 10 Dan. Our technical advisors are Sensei Dirk Heene 8 Dan and Sensei Marc Stevens 6 Dan. Kuwait Shotokan Academy was established in 1996 by Grzegorz (Greg) Konieczka (6th Dan) after moving in 1994 to Kuwait from Poland. Kuwait Shotokan Academy is affiliated to Belgian Karate Shotokan Academy since 1999. We, Kuwait Shotokan Academy organize international courses with Sensei Dirk Heene (8th Dan) , President of Kase Ha Shotokan Ryu Karate Do Academy(KSKA), assistant to late Sensei Taiji Kase 10th Dan, and Sensei Marc Stevens (6th Dan) assistant to Sensei Hiroshi Shirai (10th Dan).

Sensei Grzegorz Konieczka is the Chief Instructor of Kuwait Shotokan Academy and member of Kase Ha Shotokan Ryu Karate Do Academy, Hasselt, Belgium (former Shotokan Ryu Kase Ha instructors Academy and World Karate Shotokan Academy-Paris). He is also member of Shotokan Cultural Institute (SCI), Milano, Italy (former World Shotokan Institute ? WSI). Although far away from Europe, he regularly joined courses with Sensei Taiji Kase, Sensei Hiroshi Shirai, Sensei Dirk Heene, Sensei Marc Stevens and many other teachers. We are a very international Club, trying to combine hard training with very friendly atmosphere. Kuwait Shotokan Academy accepts boys and girls from 5 years of age, and offers classes for kids, teenagers & Adults.

Our Main Dojo is located in Kuwait English School, Salwa, block 11, street 9, (next to Salwa Park & Mc Donald's Restaurant). Classes run on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday from 5:00 P.M. to 9 P.M.

Since March 2009 we have one more Dojo at Radisson Blue Hotel, Balajat street (Gulf Road), Rumeitheya, at SAS Royal Viking Club. Classes there run on Monday & Wednesday from 7 P.M to 8:30 P.M. for teenagers & adults.

For info please contact us at +965 66473117 (Sensei Greg).